Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Microsoft 70-339 Question Answer

You are the SharePoint administrator for your organization. You have one web application named WebApp1 in the farm.
You need to prevent users from purchasing apps from the SharePoint Store while allowing users to request apps from the App Catalog.
Which three actions should you perform in sequence? To answer, move the appropriate actions form the list of actions to the answer area and arrange them in the correct order.
Select and Place:

Answer:                                                              70-339 Braindumps

Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Did Microsoft Copy This Redditor’s PUBG Advertising Mock Up?

For most people, seeing a massive corporation like Sony, Nintendo or Microsoft recognize their work through re-tweet or praise can be a badge of honor. It's as if Senpai had noticed you. But what if Senpai noticed, but never told you? Or worse, did he realize his work and copy it?

That is currently the situation facing Redditor Macsterr, as he saw the new PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Advertising with a striking similarity to his own demo.

The original publication of reddit got 63k of visits and 3825 ascending votes, which means that many people saw the design of the model. Macsterr said: "I'm not saying I have any copyright, but the original post has 63k views, so I guess they saw it and I did not get any credit, thanks for voting!" In a sub-thread response.

Of course, there is no evidence that this design has been "stolen", but the similarities are surprising. In the thread, Redditor Sh1pT0aster advised the lawyer of Macsterr: "Legit would look for a lawyer. / R / legaladvice". Other noted / tagged Xbox Programming Director Larry 'Major Nelson' Hryb

A few years ago, Firewatch, of Campo Santo, saw its warm pastel aesthetic suddenly emerge from various companies, including people like Sales Force Data Cloud.

Meanwhile, some posters do not see the big problem. Nugyflex said: "What the hell is wrong with you, is it an AD concept, and how are you going to credit someone for your ad?" They either use it and do not give credit, or do not use it. I would be happy anyway. "

While Microsoft has assets of PUBG and Xbox One and can do with them what they want, the aspect of this is ... poor. Even if it was a total coincidence, you would have to imagine that Microsoft is accepting some kind of recognition regarding the similarities between the two ads that are in the store.

On the other hand, art is strange. The graphic design is strange. It is possible that people have surprisingly similar ideas of totally opposite places. Speaking personally, as a writer with an almost infinite consideration for my favorite writers and creators, I am tired every day of subconsciously imitating some phrase or jargon or saying that it comes from the media I value most. Then, it is possible that this is, with luck, a subliminal, subconscious, cosmic error.

Thursday, 7 September 2017

Microsoft 70-339 Question Answer

During the upgrade from SharePoint 2013 to SharePoint 2016, you discover there is a missing feature. You review the logs and observe the following error message:
Message: Database [WSS_Contoso_OR01] has reference(s) to a missing feature: Id= [4be9a980-965f-486f-9eda-074e284875d7].
Remedy: The feature with Id 4be9a980-965f-486f-9eda-074e284875d7 is referenced in the database [WSS_Contoso_OR01], but is not installed on the current farm.
The missing feature may cause upgrade to fail. Please install any solution which contains the feature and restart upgrade if necessary.
You need to identify the page that is missing the feature.
Which of the following will identify the page?

A. On the SharePoint Server, run the following Windows PowerShell command:Test-SPContentDatabase-Name $dbName-WebApplication $wa| Select Category,
Message | Where {$_.Category-eq “MissingFeature”}
B. On the SharePoint Server, run the following Windows PowerShell command:Test-SPContentDatabase-Name $dbName-WebApplication $wa| Select Category,
Message | Where{$_.Category-eq “MissingSetupFile”}
C. On the SQL Server, run the following SQL syntax against WSS_Contoso_OR01:SELECT FeatureId, FullURL From WebsInner JOIN FeaturesOn
Webs.Id=Features.WebIdWHERE FeatureId=‘4be9a980-965f-486f-9eda-074e284875d7’ORDERBY FeatureId
D. On the SharePoint Server, review theHealth Analyzerand find the missing dependencies.

Answer: A

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

How Microsoft Is Stealing Apple’s Cool Factor

"If we are going to be able to create magical experiences with software, then hardware will be the thing that people buy to go to experience that," Panos Panay corporate vice president told TIME during a recent interview. We were discussing his company's decision to launch its first real laptop after years of selling hybrid computers, that is, the Surface Laptop, which began to be sold on June 15. "And [when] those two things work perfectly together in a perfect way, out," he added.

If that approach sounds familiar - using the sleek, bright charm of the new gadgetry as a temptation to deeper software experiences - it should. Apple has always prided itself on the way its hardware and software work together. "People who really take software seriously need to make their own hardware," said Apple co-founder and former CEO Steve Jobs, while unveiling the first iPhone in 2007, citing renowned computer maker Alan Kay. It was a manifesto and a sting, a drop of philosophical microphone preaching the inseparability of form and function.

Ergo the notion, evidenced by the change of Microsoft to the devices totally created as the surface line, that the company is finally attending that Fiat of Jobs-ian. Observers have been saying it for months and in some cases years. Look a little more and you will notice that former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has started sending out Apple-ish smoke signals since 2012.

But the idea is coming to a turning point with the emergence of the latest Microsoft computers, the Surface Laptop and Surface Studio. The Surface Laptop brimming with Apple's design features, from the way the laptop's lid is made to be easily lifted with a finger, to the finished aluminum and glossy Windows logo etched on the back. Microsoft made sure to highlight these points when it unveiled the laptop in May: "They put their heart and soul into every little detail," said Panay, doting on the Surface Laptop production team. "It does not matter if it's the hinge or the creation of an entire category."

The fastidious attention to trivial-apparent geometry is a principle of the Apple design credo. Jobs was firmly focused on the complexities of his company's products, so much so that he created his own beige tone for the Apple II computer because he wanted it to be fine.

And like Apple, Microsoft has targeted its surface line in premium buyers. Even the Surface Laptop, which the company has been selling to students, starts at $ 999. And cheaper models are unlikely. "When we think about the lowest prices, that's what allows us to stop," Panay said. "We have a lot of partners, great, we're not trying to recreate a $ 400 laptop, just to make a laptop."

But these ostensible parallels of Cupertino-Redmond are deeper than quality or pricing. By taking control of the ergonomics of devices running Windows, Microsoft can experience more freely with new input mechanisms. The strongest evidence of this came as Microsoft debuted its 28-inch, all-in-one Surface Studio at the end of last year. The company also unveiled a new accessory to go with it: the Surface Dial, a high-tech knob that can be used on the computer screen or next to it as a mouse. It allows unusual but intuitive interactions, for example the option to enlarge or rotate map, or change the color of a brush with a subtle touch.

The Surface Dial still has to conquer consumers, but it highlights the will of a technology giant tied to the tradition of experimenting with different methods of interaction as it sculpts new forms of computing. Apple originally rose to fame, then recovered from a long creative break, to exemplify just that: the original Macintosh and the first iPhone were estimated in part because their interfaces worked as smoothly with control points as mouse input and multitouch. Apple did not invent the touch screen or the computer mouse, but because he was designing both the software and the hardware for the iPhone and Macintosh, he was better equipped to create intuitive experiences for them. Microsoft is applying the same terrain when incorporating ideas like the Dial and the stylus in its Surface alignment.

The profound differences between these technology companies remain. On the one hand, Apple maintains total control over its hardware and software, while the Microsoft partner ecosystem will always be an important part of how Windows computers are developed and sold. But JP Gownder, vice president and chief analyst at Forrester, says Microsoft may have the edge over Apple in terms of hardware: "There's only a general feeling that if you're looking for who's the leader right now, who's going to surprise you with something new And interesting, it's going to be the surface group. "

In fact, between its new surface equipment and HoloLens headphones, Microsoft may be emerging as the dominant innovator. Apple has not significantly altered its family of MacBook laptops since the 12-inch model debuted in 2015. Nor has it offered new hardware products by focusing on emerging technologies such as augmented and virtual reality, though new tools are debuting for developers to create AR applications . Apple CEO Tim Cook can criticize the distinction between innovation as change and innovation as "making things better." But there is another kind of distinction that ultimately matters so much - to excite its base and grow it - that makes the latest maneuvers of Redmond feel more ambitious and intrepid.

Thursday, 23 February 2017

Microsoft 70-339 Question Answer

You are the administrator for a SharePoint 2016 farm. You configure a connection to the SharePoint Store. Users report that they cannot select or install specific apps from the SharePoint Store. Users can install other apps. You need to allow users to purchase and install any type of apps from the SharePoint Store.
What should you do?

A. Activate the Internet-facing endpoints feature for apps.
B. Configure the Store settings to allow users to purchase apps.
C. Deploy an App Catalog.
D. Delete theexisting App Catalog. Then, delete and provision the Subscription Setting and App Management service applications.

Answer: A

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Exam 70-339 Question Answer

Your organization has a complex retention schedule that clearly defines retention policies for all
document types. Each department has its own SharePoint site. In many cases, a single document library on a department site may contain financial files, human resources files, and project documentation. The following table lists the retention policies that are in place.

You must administer retention rules from a single location for each type of document and must leverage out of the box functionality. You need to configure the SharePoint environment to comply with the retention schedule. What should you do?

A. Configure information management policies for the document libraries.
B.Activate the Disposition Approval feature.
C. Activate the In-Place Records Management feature.
D.Configureinformationmanagement policieson content types.
E.Activate library and folder-based retention.

Answer: D

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Microsoft To Fix Windows Flaw Exploited By Hackers

A flaw revealed by Google is being exploited by hackers linked to Russia's government, Microsoft warns. A fix is due next week.

Microsoft said Tuesday it will release a patch next week for a Windows vulnerability, he said, it is exploited by hackers linked to the government of Russia.

The company said in a blog published on November 8 as part of its normal patch cycle, adding that a known group of hackers was already using the recently discovered flaw in a campaign of hacking sending false emails in an attempt to Tell them personal information. The error, which was publicly released by Google on Monday, can be used to avoid security system Windows32K.

The revelation of the error caused some friction between Microsoft and Google. The search giant said that gave Microsoft 10 days to issue an opinion or a settlement, but Microsoft has not acted. Google was published after him because it evaluated the error as "critical" and learned that was actively exploited. Microsoft has not set the delay in the release of a patch, but Google questioned the threat assessment error, adding that the publication of Google "could put customers at potential risk."

Microsoft said that a group of hackers known as Strontium was behind the email attack that took advantage of the failure. The group, known as "Fancy Bear" and APT 28, has also been linked to a series of hacks this summer, including one in which transcripts email and chat were stolen from the computer network of the Democratic National Committee.